We strive for the highest quality in every cup.

Our espresso is the Espresso Medici blend by Cuvee. It is sweet and fruity with a chocolate finish. These are general characteristics but depend on the season (ask the barista for more specific descriptions). Preparation is of utmost importance to us. Our espresso machines are 3 group La Marzocco FB 80's and we grind our beans with Mazzer Robur-E's. We pull 1.5-2 oz of espresso at 20 to 30 seconds in 18 gram VST baskets. Espresso machine maintenance is a high priority, which is why we back flush at noon, evening, and a deep clean at night. This ensures that espresso residue does not build up and taint the product.

All our coffee is French pressed and served at optimal temperature. Our daily house coffee is the Spicewood 71 Classic blend. It is a well-balanced and classic coffee. We will also press any of the single-origin whole-bean coffees we have for retail. Our selection of single-origins usually includes 5 to 7 sustainable, direct trade coffees.

Coffee education is very important to us. We invite all coffee lovers to share our pursuit of excellent coffee by participating in cuppings at the store and by attending various coffee events in this region. In this way we hope to promote interest in the specialty coffee industry and heighten appreciation for all the hard work that goes into creating a truly remarkable coffee.